Research Promotion Ideas

AMAT - Bridging the gap

Possible Themes

  • Reconceptualising the construction of ‘human reproduction’
  • Developing different metaphorical frameworks (more than traditional morality or economics)
  • Influence of legislative change
  • Political decision-making
  • Social traditions emanating from decision points (conception, abortion, birth etc)
  • Working with marginalised groups to develop language/communication education for teenage mothers – teenage sexuality, pregnancy and abortion

Interesting phrases

  • Conceptions of the Embryo
  • Maternal Cyborg
  • Being and becoming human
  • Perspectives on human reproduction
amat auckland medical aid trust Research Promotion Ideas 2

Core Business

  • Getting a child (conception, assisted reproduction, pregnancy, birth)
  • Preventing a child (contraception, sterilisation, abortion)
  • Raising children (family, education, parenting, schooling)
  • Social reproduction
  • Genealogy

Other Possible activity

  • Edited collection of already published papers
  • Commissioned research on a particular theme
  • Conference and edited publication of papers, book, and/or CD of proceedings
  • Scholarship for Masters level thesis (within the social context of human reproduction)
  • Establish commercial marketing/ communication centre View AMAT Ethics Committee Procedure