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Other links

Here are some other links you might find useful. Please email us admin@amat.org.nz with any other
sites that fit the theme of our web page, or if  if any of the links below don't work.

Centre for Surrogate Parenting Inc.
Home of surrogacy, surrogate parenting information regarding acquiring an egg donor egg donation,
infertility and assisted reproduction

Genetics and Ethics
Genetics and Philosophy, Education, Biotechnology, Human Genome Project, Gene Therapy and
Engineering, Gene Patenting,  Eugenics

Bioethics on the Web
Internet resources in bioethics including education, research, medical and health care ethics, and the
implications of applied genetics and biotechnology. Provides background information and various
positions on issues in bioethics.

New Zealand Bioethics Council
New Zealand's Bioethics Council, was formed with the aim of enhancing New Zealand's understanding
of the cultural, ethical and spiritual aspects of biotechnology, and ensuring that the use of
biotechnology has regard for New Zealanders' values

Otago University Bioethics Centre
The Bioethics Centre concerns itself with ethical issues relating to law, medicine and technology. 
Its aims are to encourage and co-ordinate teaching and research, to stimulate informed public debate,
and to provide a consultation and resource service for health professionals and others in the community.

Human Genome Project
Program description, information and contacts

College of Midwives
Information on midwifery, pregnancy and breastfeeding

Child, Youth and Family
The government agency for children, young people and their families at risk.  It supports the community’s role
in protecting and helping children by funding community organisations working with children, young people
and their families.

New Zealand Government Online
Home page for New Zealand Government activity and news

New Zealand Legislation
Statute lists for the GP Print collections of New Zealand Acts

Parent Network for the Post Institutionalized Child
A support network devoted to understanding the medical, developmental, emotional and educational
needs of children adopted from hospital, orphanages and institutions throughout the world

Abortion: Health and Political issues
Abortion Clinics on line

Abortion Supervisory Committee
Brief description about the structure and function of the committee