AMAT Ethics Committee Procedure




AMAT Ethics Committee Procedure





    For proposals involving empirical research

Submission of proposals:

Proposals submitted to AMAT should cover the following:

Names, addresses and credentials of all members of the research team. The leader and address for service should be clearly identified.
A clear description of the research project, including the rationale for the project, and the methodology envisioned. A literature review supporting the research methodology is expected.
A clear description of the research subjects. The method of obtaining access to research subjects should be identified.
Ethical considerations relating to possible effects upon research subjects, identification of research subjects (anonymity), power relations of researcher to subjects, informed consent, storage of records, and security of information.
Publication and use of results of project, including intellectual property issues.
Supervision of research; quality control; appeal procedure in case of dispute.

Proposals should be formatted as MS Word or Adobe PDF and emailed as an attachment to:

The Executive Officer
Auckland Medical Aid Trust

Consideration of proposals:

Once a proposal is received, the following process applies:

Proposal checked by Executive Officer to ensure coverage of points 1-6 above. Brief description circulated to Trustees, for decision whether to consider the proposal. Proposal either (a) considered by AMAT Ethics committee or (b) rejected. After consideration, Ethics Committee submits recommendation for Trustees’ decision. Outcome of deliberations communicated to proposer. Funding or other appropriate response initiated.

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