Research Promotion Ideas




Research Promotion Ideas



The AMAT research institute continues to investigate possibilities for sponsoring research and or publication within the scope of our objects, keeping in mind the need for academics to work within the parameters of PBRF funding. The Trust offers a doctoral scholarship within the social context of human reproduction. The scholarship is managed on behalf of AMAT by Universities New Zealand - Te Pokai Tara 





Other research possibilities may be considered.

Possible themes

Reconceptualising the construction of ‘human reproduction’
Developing different metaphorical frameworks (more than traditional morality or economics)
Influence of legislative change
Political decision-making
Social traditions emanating from decision points (conception, abortion, birth etc)
Working with marginalised groups to develop language / communication
Education for teenage mothers - teenage sexuality, pregnancy and abortion

Interesting phrases

Conceptions of the Embryo Maternal Cyborg Being and becoming human Perspectives on human reproduction

Core business

Getting a child (conception, assisted reproduction, pregnancy, birth) Preventing a child (contraception, sterilisation, abortion) Raising children (family, education, parenting, schooling) Creating meaning ( ‘human’, ‘reproduction’, ‘human subjectivity’) Social reproduction Genealogy

Other Possible activity

Edited collection of already published papers Commissioned research on particular theme Conference and edited publication of papers, book, and/or CD of proceedings Scholarship for Masters level thesis (within the social context of human reproduction) Establish commercial marketing/ communication centre

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